The Cure in Adhyatma Teachings

Some people find that when they begin a yogic discipline their mind is not calmed but more agitated and distracted than before. They complain to the teacher about this and ask for some remedy.

Let us suppose that patients go to a skilful doctor to cure an ailment caused by a common mistake in lifestyle. He gives each of them the same remedy with the warning some of them might experience a few untoward side effects. Suppose further that one of them comes to the doctor and says, I have been following the treatment, but my health seems to be getting worse. I now have this and this and this as well. Can you give me something more to cure the new symptoms.

The doctor replies, “What you call new symptoms show that the cure is working, in a way they are the cure, and you can’t ask me for something to get rid of them. They’ll pass away as the treatment is completed. I can cure the illness, but I can’t cure the cure”.

In the same way the yogic treatment may bring to the surface tensions and distractions that have been masked by a sort of apathy. Only when brought out can they be resolved and pacified.

© 2000 Trevor Leggett